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Helping people navigate lifes transitions and reach for the lives they know have been waiting for them.
Met each day with excitement - Have the energy to live your best life - Trust yourself again - Gain the confidence and self-esteem to try anything Alison Crair We all ask those same questions in our lives from time to time. Usually at a time we are experiencing a life change or shift and even when we realize we are just bored with the way things have been going.

Life coaching helps you with these struggles. Where you need to simplify or maybe spend more time and effort. I can help you stay focused and on track. My clients include business people who want to go to the next level or make a career move. Writers, actors and other creative people, who are feeling "stuck." Parents, whose children have just started school or have just left for college. People who really want to reach a weight loss or fitness goal. There are so many areas we need help and guidance at different times in life. My job is to help you see those areas and move through and recreate them successfully. Contact me to set up an appointment or phone session.

Alison Crair is a certified chemical dependency counselor from UCLA and a certified life and wellness coach. Alison uses a whole body approach to help people assess what healing needs to take place. She believes in working through fears and getting back on track and on purpose. Alison works with people who may or may not know if they have an issue with a substance, food or even a behavior. She works with people leaving old situations for new ones or people who are feeling they need to make a change.

Please call (415) 484 2304 if you have any questions about how coaching can help you.

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